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Surrounding Areas of Madrid

Surrounding Areas of Madrid


San Lorenzo del Escorial

This town is home to one of the most impressive buildings of the capital, the Palace of San

Lorenzo del Escorial, the government center under King Felipe II.  Today it is a World

Heritage site under UNESCO.



The town of Aranjuez, situated on the banks of the Tagus River, is one of the most beautiful

corners of Madrid. Its palace, rich gardens, and the Casa del Labrador are truly splendid.



Segovia is famous for its Roman aqueduct, one of the best preserved constructions of the

Roman Empire. It is truly a marvel of engineering.  Segovia is also famous for its cousine,

especially suckling pig.



The city of Toledo is located just 71km outside of Madrid. Toledo was declared a

historic-artistic site in 1940 and later in 1987 UNESCO declared it a World Heritage site.