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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of use

Reservations and financial terms

Reservations and financial terms of the hosts

If you are a host and a reservation for accommodation is requested through the website, application or service, you are required to confirm or reject the booking within 24 hours from the time the reservation is requested (as determine Madrid, Sal and come with us at their discretion), or otherwise, the reservation request will be automatically canceled.

When a reservation through the website, application or service is requested, we will share with you: (i) the name and surname of the client that requested the reservation, (ii) a link to the profile page Madrid account, Salt and customer come to us, (iii) the names of any member of the SNS for whom you are “friend” or who is associated in the NHS if these people are also “friends” or are associated with the said client
SNS, and (iv) an indication that the name the customer gave Madrid, Sal and come with us when the customer became a member matches the name that the client provided the SNS to which the customer has linked its Madrid account, Sal and come with us, so you can see this information before confirming or rejecting the reservation. If you can not confirm or decide to reject a reservation of accommodation within that 24 hour period, all amounts received by Madrid, Sal and come with us to the reserve requested be refunded.

When you confirm a reservation requested by a client, Madrid, Sal and come with us you will be sent an email, a text message or a message through the application confirming that reservation, depending on the selections you make through page web, application or
services. The rates displayed in each list is composed of the accommodation rates (as defined below) and fees for customer (as defined below). Where applicable, you may be taxed in addition to lodging rates and customer fees.

The accommodation fees, customer fees and applicable taxes are collectively in these terms “total fees”. The amounts due from a customer exclusively related to a host accommodation are “accommodation rates”. Note that is the Madrid Come with salt and determines Nosotoros accommodation rates. The room rate may include a cleaning fee. Client fees are added to the rates of the accommodation to calculate the total fees (which also includes applicable taxes) shown in the relevant listing.

The host accepts that Ruralga may, according to the cancellation policy set by the host and included in the corresponding list, (i) allowing the customer cancels the reservation and (ii) returned to the client part of the accommodation rates specified in the cancellation policy applies. In accepting his appointment as an authorized agent of the host limited, Madrid, Salt and Come With Us not assume any responsibility for the actions or omissions of the host. Note that Ruralga not currently charge a fee for creating listings. However, you acknowledge and agree that Ruralga reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to charge rates and charge you by creating lists. Note that Madrid, Sal and come with us, give notice of any listing fee collection through the web site, application and services before applying this function listing fee. Reservations and financial terms for customers The hosts, not Madrid, Sal and see, are the sole responsibility of respecting all confirmed reservation and make available all
booked through the website hosting, application and services.

If you, as a customer, choose to sign a transaction with a host for booking accommodation, you accept and understand that will be required to sign an agreement with the host and you agree to accept these terms, conditions, rules and restrictions associated with said housing and taxes by the host. You acknowledge and agree that you, and not Madrid, Sal and come with us, will be responsible for fulfilling the obligations of the agreements, Madrid, Sal and come with us is not part of those agreements and that, except for obligations hereby payment contracts, Madrid, Sal and come with us is declared exempt from any liability in connection with these agreements.
Accommodation listings specify the total fees. As noted above, the host is required to confirm or reject the booking up to 24 hours from when the booking is requested (as determined Madrid, Salt and Von Us, in its sole discretion) or the requested reservation will be canceled automatically. If a requested book (this is not confirmed by the applicable host) is canceled, all amounts received by Madrid, Sal and come with us will be refunded to that customer, depending on the selections made by the customer through the page web and application.

To establish a reserve pending confirmation of your reservation requested by the relevant host, you understand and agree that Madrid, Sal and come with us on behalf of the host, reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to make a transfer.

In connection with the requested reservation, you will be asked to provide regular billing information such as name, billing address either Madrid, Salt and come to our capabilities section or its third-party payment processor.

Surety bonds

Hosts can choose to include surety bonds in their listings (“surety bonds”). Each listing described whether a security deposit is required for the relevant accommodation.
Madrid, Sal and come with us also use its commercially reasonable efforts to respond to requests and complaints related hosts surety bonds, but Madrid, Sal Come to our capabilities section and is not responsible for managing or accept any claim for
the hosts related to surety bonds and rejects any and all liability in this regard.
Except as otherwise contemplated in the present, the service fees are non-refundable. Financial conditions and general reserves
Cancellations and Refunds
If you, as a customer, cancel your booking request before the requested reservation is confirmed by a host, Madrid, Sal and come with us return the amounts charged in relation to the reserve requested within a commercially reasonable time.
Our ability to repay housing fees and other amounts charged to your account will depend on the terms and conditions of the cancellation policy applicable. On the website and in implementing more information on the return of amounts and cancellation policy.
Both clients and hosts agree to cooperate with and assist Madrid, Sal and come with us in good faith and offer Madrid, Sal and come with us such information and take such action as may be reasonably requested by Madrid, Sal and Come with us, in connection with any claim or complaint made by related or accommodation or other personal property located in a housing or in connection with any investigation by Madrid, Sal and come with us or a representative of Madrid members, Sal Come with us and regarding the use or abuse of websites, application or services.

If you are a customer, upon reasonable request by Ruralga, and as you can
reasonably do so, you agree to participate in mediation or similar resolution process
with a host, at no cost to you, the process will be carried out by Ruralga or
a third party selected by Ruralga with respect to losses for which the host is requesting payment Ruralga under warranty Ruralga host.

If you are a customer, you accept and agree that Madrid, Salt and Come With Us reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to file a claim under your homeowners insurance, renters or other insurance policy relating to any damage or loss that may have caused of who is responsible for housing or personal property or any other located in a housing.
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