Lunes, 26 Junio 2017

Welcome to Madrid, Sal y Ven con Nosotros

Madrid, Sal y Ven con Nosotros, a housing agency in Madrid, offers the best shared apartments, Spanish families, and student residence halls, ranging in style, size, and location, for exchange students from across the globe .

Madrid, Sal y Ven con Nosotros is an all-inclusive, personalized, and quality service connecting students with residences that organizes the student´s stay in Madrid before their arrival, regardless of whether or not their stay is short or long term.


Because our goal is to offer a stay of the highest quality, our housing selection process is rigorous. We personally visit each of our residences so as to guarantee their comfort and accessibility to metro stations, local trains and buses.

Before your arrival in Madrid, we will have already confirmed your reservation, down to the last detail. You will be well aware of the complete and exact address of your residence, the characteristics of the residence, and the number of persons living there. Once you arrive at your residence, someone will be waiting for you to give you your keys to the apartment and show you how to use the household appliances, and if you stay with a family, they will be home to welcome you on the day of your arrival.

Our business is founded on:

1.Speed: We process all of our housing requests in less than 24 hours, and if your residence is not to your satisfaction, we promise to change it, without additional cost, as soon as possible.

2.Quality: Both our apartments and our home stay families are of exceptional quality. We visit all our residences long before students arrive in order to guarantee that they meet high standards of comfort.

To facilitate the application process, the housing contract must be signed before we can begin to search for your housing, but be assured that it is NOT a rental contract. This contract is provided at the same time as pricing, and it includes all conditions, rights, and obligations of the students and the owners.

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